Daniel James started the Omega Gents Club in 1989. James and other members of the Kappa Xi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., created the group to mentor to boys in troubled neighborhoods. The club started at Jim Bridger Junior High School, and then eventually switched its focus, targeting high-school males. The Gents boast an outstanding graduation rate. Many have earned academic and athletic scholarships to college. Former members have graduated college, obtained advanced degrees. Gents must maintain a 2.5 GPA and exhibit respect for self, education, authority, service and respect for the community.


The Omega Gents Club (Omega Gents) is a partnership between the nonprofit Uplift Foundation of Nevada and the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Through relationships with secondary and postsecondary institutions, community agencies and businesses, the groups help high-school-age young men become developer leadership and life skills.. Activities include weekly study halls and grade checks, bi-monthly meetings, quarterly events, yearly summits, leadership seminars and academic supervision (grades, scholarship and college applications, S.A.T., A.C.T and Proficiency exam preparation) to keep them on the path to success.

Gent’s Motto

“Building Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today”


PM = PM – Positive Mentoring leads to Productive Manhood.

Program Goals

Goal #1: Develop character and leadership; improve chances of positive life outcomes.

Methods include:

  1. Collaborative effort between parents and mentors to set/enforce rules and goals.
  2. Consistent monitoring using behavioral and academic assessments and interventions.
  3. Development of internal and external assets to reduce disciplinary issues, lift self esteem.

Goal #2: Boost academic proficiency and scholastic aptitude of mentees.

Methods include:

  1. Regular academic check-ups via progress notes, report cards and Parent Link.
  2. Weekly tutoring at the Academic Support and community Services Center.
  3. Accessing local educators and supplemental educational programming.

Goal #3: Increase the percentage of mentees passing proficiency exams.

Methods include:

  1. Subject-specific tutoring at the Academic Support and community Services Center.
  2. Accessing educators and supplemental educational programming specific to proficiency exams.
  3. Tutoring and academic reinforcement on college admissions tests (S.A.T. and A.C.T.)

Goal #4: Instill the value of service; Gents annually complete 500 hours.

Methods include:

  1. Conducting clean-ups of the Berkley Square neighborhood in West Las Vegas.
  2. Donating food and clothes to area shelters, including Catholic Charities.
  3. Partnering with nonprofits and other groups on issues pertinent to teenagers.

Group Principles

  • To motivate young men to do their best
  • To emphasize academic, social and physical development
  • To instill the importance of civic services
  • To teach (reaffirm) respect for authority

Program Points

  • Personal and educational development
  • Citizenship and leadership refinement
  • Cultural enrichment
  • Positive social expression
  • Maintaining productive relationships


  • More than 700 young men have completed the rites of passage program since 1989.
  • A 100 percent high school graduation rate and good college-going rate.
  • Dozens of Omega Gents have attended and graduated from college.

Schools that Gents Have Attended/Graduated From:

  1. Arizona State University (Phoenix)
  2. Grambling State (Grambling, La.)
  3. Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge)
  4. Nevada State College (Henderson)
  5. Southern Utah University (Cedar City)
  6. Texas Southern University (Houston)
  7. Wiley College (Marshall, Texas)
  8. Florida Institute of Technology
  9. Langston University (Okla.)
  10. Morehouse College (Atlanta)
  11. New Mexico Highlands (N.M.)
  12. Tennessee St Univ. (Nashville)
  13. University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  14. Armed Forces (AF, Army, Navy)